Why shouldn't we use phones near Petrol bunks but Paytm allowed?

Why shouldn't we use phones near Petrol bunks but Paytm allowed?


Whenever I go to bunks for filling Petrol or diesel I see such boards here and there, same time I see Paytm payment board too, how does it work? Can we pay via Paytm without mobile number? Funny world.


That’s actually a fascinating question, but, let’s for a moment, remove ‘Paytm’ from this scenario. Petrol bunks/pumps keep that board warning “Don’t use Cell Phones / Mobile Phones” because they don’t really want to take any risk, literally any risk, because this is a place filled with “Petrol,” “Diesel,” or “Gas,” and even a small spark of fire can destroy everything. That’s absolutely possible.

But, will mobile phones cause that? May not be possible all the time. I don’t want to bring this up, but still, since you asked, you can consider Samsung Note 7’s battery disaster and Xiaomi Redmi’s unfortunate memes about heating/fire/etc. Even people get distracted sometimes and do something wrong accidentally.

So, this is more like a precaution. They can’t prevent everyone to use their phones, it’ll ring all the time, the internet data connection will be active, customers will use it inside their car, and even the employees/workers will use it for some purpose. If they are worried about any wireless radar signals via cell towers and stuff like that, then even their card swipe machines will have more or less the same thing.

Paytm also provides a RuPay Platinum Debit Card and you can use this for offline transactions easily.

It’s a good practice to avoid your phone whenever you are near such places. Let us know if you have any queries.