What's the Difference/Relationship between "Xiaomi Mi" & "MiJia"?

What's the Difference/Relationship between "Xiaomi Mi" & "MiJia"?


If you are a Gadget Freak, then you might have the habit of purchasing cool tech devices from various brands, not to forget “Xiaomi Mi” and “MiJia,” but why two names? Do they represent the same brand? Let’s see this in detail:

Xiaomi Mi

These guys are the top players. Starting from your phones (like Mix, Max, and Redmi) to accessories like Power Banks and Routers, they are almost everywhere. They have their own Notebooks and Smart TVs as well. Recently I heard the news that they partnered up with Oculus to bring portable VR experience to China and other countries. So, this is what they do, all the big stuff.


Simultaneously, if you take a look at the products branded by “MiJia,” you’ll have this small confusion whether they belong to a separate entity or it belongs to the brand Xiaomi Mi itself. MiJia brand is famous for their 4K Action Cameras, Yeelight bulbs, Pens, and other Smart Home tech items.

Xiaomi Mi & MiJia - How are they Related?

Apparently, MiJia is Mi’s Crowdfunding Platform for cool tech items which they don’t want to build or brand under their official company name. When I was browsing online, I came across several articles which mentioned the word “MiJia” means “Xiaomi Smart Home” in Chinese.

Remember the days we used to mock at the phrase “Made in China,” well, nothing embarrasses us more than that now. These guys have everything you need for your home, take any appliances and add the word ‘Smart’ here, that’s all. They have Smart Cooker, Smart Water Purifier, and recently something impressed me a lot, a Smart Flower Pot?

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You might have also heard the name Huami as well; they launched wearables like the Amazfit series. As quoted on their page - “Huami is the exclusive provider of wearable technology for Xiaomi and maker of the Mi Band. Huami has raised $35 million from Sequoia Capital, Shunwei Capital Partners, Banyan Capital, Morningside Ventures and Xiaomi.”

Both Huami and MiJia are the subsidiaries of Xiaomi Mi. They invested a lot of money on various startups, especially the ones related to smart electronics technology. I hope this thread confused yet cleared some questions you had, let us know your views below!

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