Want to use Google Chrome Extensions on Android device?

Want to use Google Chrome Extensions on Android device?


Google Chrome Extensions are probably the main reasons why I’m using Google Chrome browser on my Desktop. I’m a macOS user, and Safari is my default browser. When it comes to unlimited exciting extensions, Chrome is love, no doubt about that. I’m talking about the desktop usage here; it won’t be possible to experience the same via Chrome’s Android browser, which is quite disappointing, but, we have a trick/tip/tweak to overcome that. :’)

Just to be clear, we will be using some (not all extensions work on mobile!) Chrome extensions, but we don’t really use Chrome browser for achieving that. Here are the steps:

1. Download Yandex Browser from Google Play Store.

2. Open Chrome Web Store - Extensions on the browser.

3. Search for your desired extension, but, please do note some might not work. We searched for Keywords Everywhere extension; we use this commonly for getting the “Keyword” stats on Google SERP.

4. Click on the “Add to Chrome” and “Add Extension” options. The extension will be installed.

5. To activate this specific extension, click on the three-dot menu icon > Extensions > Keywords Everywhere. Generate a free API Key and update it on the Settings. That’s all.

6. Now, go back to your browser. Open Google.com and select the “Go to full site” option. That’s all.

Now you can type your desired keywords and get the Keyword data for that. In short, Google Chrome extension is working smoothly on Android.

This will be kinda lengthy for some, but if you badly want to use your favorite Chrome plugins on your Android device, then this is a pretty cool solution. Do check this and let us know if you face any issues. :slight_smile: