Want to get an Invite for WhatsApp Business accounts?

Want to get an Invite for WhatsApp Business accounts?


If you are running a business, then this is something which you might find useful. Instead of using your personal face or number, you can get a WhatsApp business account (say ‘Slashsquare’) and use that to communicate with your clients. Anyone from your team can take control of this and do on behalf of your brand.

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If you want to get access to the WhatsApp Business accounts, you can sign up here and wait till you get notified. This is not the official invite, but it’s more like a testing program where you’ll get the chance to try it. Trust me, it’s better than downloading the APK File and using them because you get access to their future releases as well.

Like WhatsApp says, “Please note that this doesn’t guarantee early access to the program.”

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Comments on this part? - Do not share this form


“Do not share this form, in whole or in part, with third parties.”

I Googled “WhatsApp Business Account” and I got this official link, which led to this survey form bro… it’s publicly available. :slight_smile:


Just a small update. WhatsApp Business is publicly available for everyone now. :’) You can go to the respective app stores and download this update quickly.