Want to disable "This account requires mobile device management." message?

Want to disable "This account requires mobile device management." message?


I’m a regular G Suite (Google Apps) user and I configured it on all my Android devices as well. A few weeks back I configured “Google Apps Device Policy” for my user accounts, I’m not exactly sure why I did this, but I wanted to secure my emails, so this is a security step I believe. But then, things got complicated and I wanted to disable this. It was hectic for me to access my emails on my review units, so I wanted to turn off this feature. I was confused though, I removed the account and added again, I still faced this issue, it was kinda annoying for me. I got this following message all the time:

“This account requires mobile device management. Install the Google Apps Device Policy app to enforce security policies required by the account.”

The solution for this is quite simple I guess. You just need to go to your G Suite (Google Apps) Admin page > Device management > Mobile Management

If the option is “enabled”, you just need to “disable” that and save. That’s all. It’ll take a few hours to propagate.

You’ll be able to access your Emails normally now. Just enter your email address and password, you’ll be redirected to your Inbox. “Google Apps Device Policy” is a security feature, but sometimes, it’s unnecessary. If you have any queries or suggestions, kindly let us know. :slight_smile: