Using VPN to access Netflix USA from India & Other Countries!

Using VPN to access Netflix USA from India & Other Countries!


If you are a Netflix user (not from the USA), then you must be wondering why most of the favorite Movies, TV Series/Shows, Documentaries, Anime series, blah blah are missing from your account. That’s because of several reasons including censorship and viewership, but we are Netflix users, and we should be accessing all the popular available content right? This is how our (Indian) and Netflix US browse section looks!

Netflix India ‘Browse’ Section

Netflix USA ‘Browse’ Section

As far as I checked with the past 1 hour, there are at least 100+ impressive titles which are missing in our account, including popular anime series Death Note. Not the Netflix’s Death Note, the original one.

There is a way to fix this though; we can fake or change our location (IP) and access the same website so that Netflix thinks we are accessing the account via the US location and they show us the US contents!

To achieve this, we have to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), there are plenty of free ones out there, but they have a limited data in their ‘free’ plan, so use them wisely. But, I personally prefer “NordVPN,” it works beautifully. All you have to do is, install Norton VPN desktop app, log into your account and change your location to “USA (America).” That’s all.

NordVPN ‘USA’ Connection

Now, you can go to and access the shows which are generally not available to you. We have “Family Guy” here…

Family Guy (TV Show)

And the controversial “Raw” movie as well…

Raw (Movie)

With this trick, we can unblock Netflix US and other countries, but the only drawback with any VPN is, they’ll be usually slower than your typical streaming experience, so you badly need to adjust that, but shouldn’t be a problem if you are using high-speed internet.

Connect your Netflix account with Google Assistant & make things easy!

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