TSA Friendly Approved Laptop Bags: Explained!

TSA Friendly Approved Laptop Bags: Explained!


Before getting started, let’s get the basics right, so TSA basically stands for Transportation Security Administration. Have you ever just pulled out your electronic gear or laptop from your backpack at the checkpoints?

If your answer is YES, then this is for you! If you are frequent traveler then this one thing might annoy you a lot at the checkpoints, the one-stop solution to this problem is the TSA friendly bags! So TSA basically allows your laptop to stay inside only if it is inside a TSA approved checkpoint friendly bag.

So by using these bags, there is now no need to pull out your laptop at the security check, and the good thing is that it saves both your time and also saves your device from any sort of damage.

Now there are a couple of guidelines for the TSA Friendly Checkpoint Bags. They are:

• The first important guide is that these bags should have a designated laptop-only section.

• The laptop-only section should completely unfold so that it can lie flat over the X-ray belt.

• There should not be any metal snaps, zippers, or buckles below or above the laptop-only section.

• There should not be any pockets over the outside or the inside of the laptop-only section.

• Other than the computer, there should be nothing else present inside the laptop-only section.

You always need to make sure that the back must be packed properly, or in case if it isn’t, then the security agent would definitely ask you to take out the laptop from the bag. Here are the best TSA bags which we would suggest you.

Mobile Edge ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly & ECO Backpack

Mobile Edge tops our list; this bag basically comes with a large section that zips open, which will allow the bag to lie flat easily over the TSA belt.

This bag feels premium and also includes integrated mesh pockets which provide you with a clear view of your laptop or anything else which you plan to place in. Additionally, there are also two outer pockets provided which can hold anything like a smartphone or a tablet, or also a book or magazine which you prefer.

Samsonite Leather Checkpoint Friendly Brief

The Samsonite Leather is basically a unique leather briefcase which comes with a multi-compartment design that includes a separate laptop compartment, a huge pocket for all your books and reports which is protected by a zipper.


Towards the front side, you also get a separate pocket where you can store all your valuables such as credit cards. There is also a side pocket which has been designed especially for a mobile phone; this case comes with a padded and removable shoulder strap so that you can carry this with comfort and versatility.

Travelon Anti-Theft React Computer/Messenger Bag

It’s been a while since Travelon has been in this industry and as the time pass by, it has constantly been evolving. These bags from Travelon are not just checkpoint certified, but also but it also has the RFID signal blocking pockets.


To add up some more security, it also comes with locking pockets, and also an adjustable shoulder strap which is made of the cut-proof material, so technically there are no chances of any theft.

So if you are someone who travels very often, then you definitely need to have one of these which would save both your time and also the efforts which you put in while passing through a checkpoint.

So now you don’t need to pull your laptop off from the sleeve, and hence it is also safe from accidentally dropping on a hard floor.

Have you used TSA Friendly bags? Do share your experience with us!

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