RFID Blocking Wallet & Passport Holder Technology: Explained!

RFID Blocking Wallet & Passport Holder Technology: Explained!


RFID has been there for a long time, but unfortunately many have no clue about it. So today I will be telling you what’s so special about RFID and why should one use an RFID Blocking Wallet.

So what actually is RFID technology?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and in these days we can find RFID embedded in most of the credit cards, passports, and also in driving licenses.

RIFD makes your life much easier; it is really helpful when you want to make everyday payments or purchases.

Let’s say you want to make a toll payment, so now you just need to tap your card for the radio signals, and your entire process becomes much faster and also there’s no need of any additional contact.

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How does the RFID Blocking Wallet actually Work?

People have been concerned about the RFID chips since the past 10 years, not just in terms of the credit cards but all the passports which were issued after 2006 in the US come with these chips which can easily track your photo and information.

RFID’s are everywhere, even the metro cards come with RFID chips for quick swiping.

So RFID basically uses the radio waves to communicate, and things like credit cards come with an RFID tag with all the required information and also an RFID reader which uses the radio waves to read this information from the tags.

The RFID chip comes with a tiny electromagnetic field, which will help them in reading without having to initiate any sort of communication, but then all you need is proximity.

What is RFID Skimming?

Though RFID is an every advanced and very useful feature, there are certain disadvantages of this technology, and that is lack of protection.

These RFID enabled devices are prone to the hackers, and there is no way that you can stop the radio wave signals which are been transmitted between the person’s credit card and the reader.

So all the information which is stored within this RFID devices can easily be stolen even if the reader is several feet away from the device. So the identity theft which is done using the RFID reader is called as RFID Skimming.

So now What does an RFID Wallet do?

So now with the help of RFID Wallet, you can easily interrupt the radio waves which are transmitted between the RFID embedded items and the RFID reader.

In simple terms, these RFID wallets will be creating an electromagnetic-repelling inside the wallet and this will prevent the RFID readers to from using your identity.

Now talking about the wallets, I would personally recommend two wallets:

1. Radix One Steel Black - This is one of the cheapest RFID wallets which is available out there, this wallet is not just affordable, but also it consumes a very little space and works effectively.

2. Sharkk Rugged Wallet - Though the Sharkk Rugged Wallet has been designed to be compact just like the Radix one, it’s neither slim nor light. Though this wallet is not slim, it gives you the feeling of ruggedness. With complete encasement, this wallet gives you maximum protection and additionally it is also high-grade waterproof.

So do you really need an RFID blocking wallet?

RFID blocking wallets may appear to be a lot crucial, but they are actually not. The reason is that there is only around one percent banks in the US which issue RFID embedded credit cards but then again, there is nothing wrong in taking additional precaution because not just in the US, the RFID data stealing has now become much more prevalent in other countries as well.

So what are your thoughts on the RFID wallets? Are they really useful? Have you ever used one? Feel free to share your thoughts with us. :grinning: