List of macOS (Apple) Apps I'm using! (Free & Paid)

List of macOS (Apple) Apps I'm using! (Free & Paid)


I have been a macOS (Mac OS X) user for the past few years; this is my primary machine for both my personal and professional work. I thought, why not create a thread here to list out all the apps I’m using on my Apple MacBook Pro currently, it’ll help others to notice a useful app, and I hope others will share their favorite apps here as well. Let’s get started.

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

This is probably the only app I use for accessing/reading PDF files on both my phone and laptop. I have an Adobe account, so I feel comfortable using this everywhere.

2. Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

What can I say? Even if it’s for cropping a picture, now I have the habit of opening Photoshop for that. :stuck_out_tongue: I learned a lot in Photoshop, but that’s never the end, plenty to learn and plenty to master.

3. AirDroid Premium

Apart from Bluetooth and Cable Connection, I also prefer AirDroid for transferring files. I also use this to play games and access Android apps on my laptop. :’)

This is how > How to Mirror Android Screen & Play Games (No Root Required)

4. Android File Transfer

The mandatory app for every Android + macOS user. Google’s very own app for file transfer.

5. Atom

It’s a straightforward file editor. I love the minimal look + it’s smooth enough while typing or editing stuff.

6. Audacity

I rarely use this app these days, but it’s perfect for audio editing and stuff.

7. BitTorrent Pro

Torrents. :stuck_out_tongue: Though I try my best to avoid pirated materials, sometimes, I have to use this app for accessing restricted stuff. I use the “Pro” version because it removes the advertisements.

8. Caffeine


This is a very cool app, if you want to keep your screen “ON” forever or for a while, then this comes handy. Just click the “Coffee Cup” icon, and it’s ready!

9. CCleaner Pro

The official Janitor of my MacBook Pro. :’) I use this regularly for cleaning my device, I use this on my mobile and my laptop, I have the “Pro” version since it provides ‘schedule’ option.

10. CloudApp

Let it be a Screenshot, GIF, or a Video, this comes extremely handy, just capture it, and it can also use your custom short URL, and give a link for accessing, like this:

11. coconutBattery

When the battery sign shows “100%”, it doesn’t always mean your laptop is completely charged, this is where this app helps, it analyzes your battery capacity and shows you the real situation.


12. CopyClip

We all know how to copy/paste, but what about copy/pasting ten different items? Whenever you copy something, it’ll be stored in this app, and you’ll have related keyboard shortcuts to copy/paste them separately. You can also view the list of items you copied, sorry I blurred everything. :frowning:

13. Dropbox

When 512 GB storage space is not enough for you. :frowning:

14. FileZilla

If you are a Blogger or Server Administrator, FileZilla is the best File Manager out there, at least for me, all these years, right from my 1st blog.

15. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro or FCP is probably one of the main reasons why some professional video editors prefer macOS (or Mac devices) over Windows machine. Agree?

16. Firefox

I always install Firefox on my new devices but am I using it regularly, yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

17. gfxCardStatus


My MacBook Pro got two graphics settings: 1) Intel HD Graphics 530 2) AMD Radeon Pro 455

It automatically switches and uses AMD whenever you use advanced software app, let’s say “Photoshop”… this gfxCardStatus gives you the option to use “Integrated” or “Discrete” or “Dynamic Switching,” sometimes this app won’t work, dunno why.

18. GIF Brewery 3

This is one of my favorite apps for generating GIF files. I often use this for promotional stuff and use them on Facebook, Twitter, Articles, etc.

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19. Google Chrome

I use this browser for three main reasons: 1) Google 2) Extensions 3) I have no idea honestly, it’s the default browser for me, replacing Internet Explorer.

20. Google Earth Pro

Whenever I feel bored, I used to open this app and browse Earth. Look at all the interesting places which are reachable yet not reachable. Travel Blogging?

21. Google Photos Backup

If you want to keep a Backup (Original Quality) of all your photos.

22. Grammarly

When you are lazy and sleepy, you can use this app for typing. Grammarly is a worthy investment if you type a lot.

23. HandBrake

It’s an Open Source Video Transcoder, rarely used it, but I’m sure when I need it, it’ll be beneficial.

24. Itsycal


I dunno why this is not an inbuilt feature in macOS, this cute little app shows you the calendar, you can browse and add events as well.

25. Amazon Kindle

I rarely use my laptop for reading books, but for small stories and other materials, this official Kindle app comes very usefully.

26. Little Snitch

Little Snitch is basically a firewall application. You can use this app to control your machine, decide which service should be connected to the internet or not. You can monitor and prevent unusual activities.

27. MacX Video Converter Pro

I primarily use this cool app for downloading videos from YouTube. It’s pretty cool!

28. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

macOS and malware? Yes, it’s possible, and it happened before. This Anti-Malware app came highly recommended, so I installed it to avoid last-minute preparations.

29. Micro Snitch

This app monitors your laptop’s webcam + microphone and informs you whenever it gets activated. This is like a security app and helps you to stay safe from hackers trying to access your machine.

30. Microsoft Excel

MS Excel. No matter how popular Google Sheets is, I will always use MS Excel; it’s just… I’m in love with this app ever since I started to get benefited from this app.

31. Microsoft PowerPoint

Whenever I have some client meetings, I used to prepare some presentations using this; it’s mandatory for me.

32. Microsoft Word

MS Word. :’) I open/edit most of my .doc email attachments via Google Docs itself, but for offline documents, this is my savior!

33. Nik Collection

Google’s very own photo editing collection. If you are into Photography and if you have some space on your MacBook, do check this out!

34. NordVPN

Let it be Netflix USA or Spotify; this app helps you to connect and enjoy the experience.

35. OBS

I installed this software for creating Facebook Live videos for my clients, been experimenting with this for a while. OBS stands for “Open Broadcaster Software,” it’s an open source application for video recording and live streaming.

36. Opera

Apart from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, I also use Opera. :stuck_out_tongue:

37. Plex Media Server

Plex is a media server, you can use this for storing your media files like movies, and you can share it with your friends or use different devices for accessing it.

38. QuickBooks

If you are a running a company, then you can use this app for managing your financial documentation.

39. SHAREit

Remember when we used to say “Google it!”, now it’s “Share it!”. :stuck_out_tongue: Using this on both my mobile and laptop, useful app for transferring files and stuff.

40. Skype

FaceTime is good, but it’s not for everyone. That’s where Skype comes handy.

41. Slack

I don’t really have a team, but when I collaborate with other people for project outsourcing, we use to discuss and brainstorm on our Slack channel.

42. Snagit

My personal favorite tool for taking screenshots and editing them. You can also edit videos here. :’)

43. Spotify

Spotify in India? :open_mouth: Remember NordVPN? :’) I play music everywhere, YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, etc. but this is a pretty cool app, you’ll know why once you start to use it.

44. Steam

Gaming and Mac? :open_mouth: I do play some light games on my machine, and my friends suggested me to use Steam for buying games rather than the App Store.

Are you a Gamer? Let’s get connected on our GameThem Steam Channel.

45. TeamViewer

When you want to stalk someone’s computer, this is the best solution for that.

46. The Unarchiver

I’m going to miss you WinRAR. :frowning:

47. TorBrowser

Honestly installed this browser to understand how it works, not for everyone, unless you are a Whistleblower.

48. Tweetbot

The reason why I love Tweetbot - We have plenty of branded short domains; we can assign each short domain (Bitly) to each account we add here, so that, whenever we tweet, the URLs in the tweet will be automatically converted into our branded short domain URLs.

49. TweetDeck

The reason why I love TweetDeck - We can schedule Tweets here. :’)

50. VLC

Couldn’t think of any other video player apart from this. VLC is love. <3

51. Wake Up Time

The Alarm app which tries its best to wake me every day. I love the way it looks. :3

52. WhatsApp

I don’t use WhatsApp much, but we have groups to manage, unfortunately, so this Desktop app comes handy.

53. Wondershare Filmora

If FCP is something that’s too technical or advanced for you, then Filmora is the best one for you. They have plenty of filters and graphics.


Open source cross-platform web server solution stack package. In short, I use this for accessing WordPress locally.

Did you find any useful app here? Did I miss any of your favorite apps here? Do let us know and let’s explore together!


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Great collection. Downlaod most apps from here!