Let's talk about Xiaomi (Mi) and MiJia, Viomi, Huami, Xiaoyi, etc

Let's talk about Xiaomi (Mi) and MiJia, Viomi, Huami, Xiaoyi, etc


We earlier shared a post about the relationship between Xiaomi and MiJia, this time I thought we could talk a bit about the other electronic brands under the Mi umbrella. Let’s fondly called this as the “Mi Ecosystem.” :’)

They invested a lot in tech companies ranging from consumer electronics, wearables, accessories and so on. Some of them collaborated with Xiaomi and launched their products. Right now, MiJia is the most familiar brand amongst all, but we do have more.

These are the brands that are connected with Mi or a part of them as well.

We have here: MiJia, Viomi, Huami, Yeelight, Wiha, Zmi, Zhimi, Xiaoyi (YI), and other not-so-familiar names.

A Product from MiJia: Action Camera

Most popular for random electronic devices like action camera, shaving trimmer, LED lamps, smart sports sneaker, etc.

A Product from Viomi: Thermos Flask Water Bottle

Viomi is mostly related to Kitchen appliances like Refrigerator air clean facility filter, flash water bottle, smart kettle, etc.

A Product from Huami: Amazfit Smartwatch

They collaborated with Huami to produce Amazfit smartwatches, their major step to cover the wearables industry.

A Product from Xiaoyi (YI): Sports Action Camera

Xiaoyi or Yi is another brand which produced the sports action camera and other interesting gadgets.

A Product from Yeelight: Smart Light Bulb

This is a pretty cool bulb which can be controlled via your app as well. I remember Xiaomi collaborating with Philips too.

And, of course, It won’t end here…

Even the companies inside Mi collaborate each other, we have MiJia and Wiha for their “Precision Magnetic Bits Aluminum Box Screwdriver.” I have this one, probably one of the best portable screwdrivers I have ever used!

They also have other brands like Yunmai, 90, and so on for other fields. They have some great products as well. You can find most of them on AliExpress, GearBest, and Banggood.

Have you used any of these? Do share with us your experiences!