Is there a Difference between Emporio Armani and Armani Exchange?

Is there a Difference between Emporio Armani and Armani Exchange?


So this is something I was asked a few weeks back when a friend wanted to buy a watch. The specs I use is from “Emporio Armani” brand, but I got it long back even before I knew anything about this brand because I got it during an offer. :’)

But this is significant confusion, and people get stuck when they want to pick something out of these two.

This is the Armani Exchange Watch:

And this is the Emporio Armani Watch:

Both of them are moderately priced, but Armani Exchange is much cheaper comparatively.

Both of them bear the brand name Armani though, so what’s the case here?

We earlier talked about this a lot with other brands, especially Logitech vs. Logicool and Xiaomi Mi vs. MiJia, so we decided to do the same for this brand too here.

All this goes back to Giorgio Armani, the person and the brand, behind everything we talked here. It’s an Italian luxury fashion house, and way too famous all over the world.

Giorgio Armani is the first brand under the Armani family and Emporio Armani is the second one. But after some years, they decided to have something separate for easy accessibility. That’s when they launched A | X Armani Exchange in the U.S. (1991).

Both of them are almost same since they are a part of the same family tree, but Emporio Armani is much preferred by several. Let us know if you have any other queries.