[HOW TO] "Wipe Cache Partition" on your Android Device!

[HOW TO] "Wipe Cache Partition" on your Android Device!


First and foremost, your question could be “Why are we doing this?

The answer is: Every app you install on your Android device will have its own cache, just like any web browser you are using, and cleaning/removing them will impact your device’s (phone or tablet) performance in a positive way, especially in terms of battery life. You can, of course, remove the ‘cache’ of each app individually but that will be quite hectic.

If you are going to try this because your phone’s battery life is horrible, then try clearing the cache of “Google Play Services” app alone individually and see. If not, try this method.

I tried this on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device for testing our overall battery life.

P.S. This option may not be available on all the Android devices, it may depend on the OEM.

1. Turn off your phone completely. Now, press and hold the “Volume Up” key and the “Bixby” key, then press and hold the “Power” key. When you are greeted by an Android logo, release all the keys quickly. After that, you’ll find a menu like this below. You can use your “Volume” key to go up and down. Select the “Wipe cache partition” option here. Use the “Power” button to select that.

2. Make sure you picked the right option as we mentioned and confirm the process once again by selecting “Yes” here.

That’s all. Now select the “Reboot system now” option and you can use your phone now.

We actually did this and this indeed significantly improved our battery life. Do let us know if you tried this or if you have any queries regarding this, let us know.