How to Use Cloudflare DNS Settings on macOS (Setup)

How to Use Cloudflare DNS Settings on macOS (Setup)


Cloudflare recently announced their DNS Service and I was quite excited about that. I have been using Cloudflare (for CDN and SSL) on our primary blog and forum for several months.

They are basically known for their security stuff, so we can expect proper security and speed as well here.

If you have a macOS device and if you want to try their DNS service, then, go to:

 > System Preferences > Network > Advanced > DNS > DNS Servers

Kind Note: Before making any changes, kindly make a note of the IP addresses and other settings.

Remove any existing DNS servers you have here and add these using + option:

That’s all. Now click on the “Ok” button to save the settings. Just in case, if you face any issues, you can always clear your DNS Cache and see if it solves your problem.

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Using Cloudflare DNS helps you overall? Do you have any issues while implementing this? Do let us know!