How to redeem Samsung Gear Sport Watch (Note 9 Prebook Offer)?

How to redeem Samsung Gear Sport Watch (Note 9 Prebook Offer)?


If you have prebooked Samsung Galaxy Note 9, then you are eligible for getting their very own Samsung Gear Sport smartwatch for just ₹4,999 (Original Cost - ₹22,990). This is what you should do:

P.S. Make sure you use the same mobile number that you used for prebooking the device, it’s necessary to confirm the eligibility.

1. After you get your Note 9 device, go to your “My Galaxy” app. On the homepage, you’ll find this “Gear Sport” watch offer for you. If you have a new device, it’ll take some hours to get this option. Click on that once it’s available to you.

2. Enter the mobile number you used for prebooking here to confirm the eligibility once again.

3. If everything is fine, you need to enter your name, address and email address on this page.

4. That’s all. Here is your exclusive discount code for redeeming the smartwatch from Samsung!

I think we also have an expiry date for this, so make sure you grab it before that deadline.

5. When you click on “Redeem Now” you’ll be redirected to the Samsung eStore and you can enter the coupon code on the checkout page. Just make the payment, and you’ll get your Gear Sport within 1-2 business days.

If you have any query regarding, do let us know! I’ll share my Gear Sport experience once I get it.

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