How to Mirror Android Screen & Play Games (No Root Required)

How to Mirror Android Screen & Play Games (No Root Required)


If you have an Android device and if you want to mirror the screen with your PC or Windows Laptop or even Apple MacBook Pro, then here is an easy way to do this, and you can do this without rooting your device. You need to connect your Android device with your system (PC or Laptop) instead. Be ready with your USB cable.

1. Install AirDroid app on your Android device and complete the settings. Then, go to AirDroid Web and log in there. Google Chrome browser is preferred for this. Click the “AirMirror” icon, and you’ll get a screen like below:

2. Now, go to AirMirror Chrome Plugin and install it.

3. Connect your Android device and your system. Make sure you have enabled “Developer Options” on your device, if not, kindly follow this procedure to do that. After that, search for “USB debugging” and enable the option.

4. Now, in your Chrome browser, click on “Device authorization” button and select your Android device here.

5. Meanwhile, your Android device will also show this popup with “The computer’s RSA key fingerprint,” just select it and click “OK.”

6. That’s all. Now you can access your Android device’s screen via your computer system. Whatever you do on your device will reflect on your system and vice versa.

Is it possible to play Android Games?

Yes, it’s possible, but don’t expect pure gaming experience here. You’ll have the option to change the mode to “HD,” and you can rotate the screen as well. I started to play my favorite game “Dead Trigger 2” here; it was decent…

Then I played my new addiction “FIFA Mobile” game; it was a good experience too.

You can play these games once in a while, I’m not able to find the option to make these completely full-screen, but it’ll affect the resolution as well. That’s all. Let us know if you have any queries or if you know any other alternate methods, do share with us. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Its really knowledgeable and useful thread for me. I will download the AirMirror and try it to use Android screen on my laptop.