How to make Samsung Pay work on Galaxy Watch purchased in India

How to make Samsung Pay work on Galaxy Watch purchased in India


Samsung Pay is currently not supported in India and the company doesn’t plan to support it any time soon. For those who are buying Samsung wearables like Galaxy Watch or Gear watch won’t have access to Samsung Pay. However, thanks to XDA there’s a simple process to make it work in India. The process involves changing region which will reset your watch so make sure you’re having a backup of the watch. To take a backup, open the Galaxy Wearable app on your Android device and head to Settings>About Watch>Backup and Restore and take the backup of the watch. Once you have taken the backup, head below and follow the steps to change the region.

  • Download SDBstarterKidv1 from XDA.

  • Once download, open the file and extract the relevant tool kit (Depending on your OS and architecture).

  • On your watch turn off Bluetooth, and change your WiFi to Always on and connect it to the same network as the one on your laptop.

  • Now on the watch go to Setting>About Watch and turn on Debugging.

  • Once all that is done, go back to Settings>Connections>Wifi>Wifi Networks>[your network]>Scroll down to IP address. Note the IP address on the sheet of paper.

  • Now come back to your PC and open the extracted file and run Install.bat. After that head to data\tools double click on ‘sdb.exe’.

  • Now ‘Ansicon.exe’ and type “sdb connect [IP of the watch that you noted earlier]”.

  • Now look on your watch for a prompt. Click on the tick mark to accept the connection.

  • Now type sdb shell and press Enter.

  • After that copy and paste the code- “launch_app” (without quotes) and press enter.

  • Now you should get a list of three-letter CSC codes that correspond to a specific country.

  • Since you want to use Samsung Pay, select “XAR” which is the CSC code for the USA. Once you select it the watch will reset and restart.

  • Give it 3-4 minutes to restart and in the meantime, unpair it from the Galaxy Wearable app and go through the setup process

  • Once the watch is launched to home watch face, shut it down and switch on again for Samsung Pay to appear (may take a minute).

This should help you get Samsung Pay on your watch. You can launch Samsung Pay by double tapping on the top button on the watch. To setup Samsung Pay, you need to open the Galaxy Wearable app and look for the Samsung Pay option.
Note: Please carry out the process at your own risk. Also, make sure to note down your original CSC just in case you want to switch back. This tutorial was tested on Galaxy Watch 46mm variant purchased in India but should work on other watches running on Tizen 3.0 and above, and in other countries. You can choose other CSC code if you want a specific region but make sure you look for the correct CSC code to setup the watch. I have tested Samsung Pay on HDFC and Axis Bank debit cards. It should work for other major Indian banks as well. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for my HDFC and Thomas Cook Multi-currency Forex Card.