How to Connect Mi Body Composition Scale with Mi Fit App?

How to Connect Mi Body Composition Scale with Mi Fit App?

I used this before but that was not mine and I didn’t realize I need one because how often our weight changes? Right? But it’s not just our physical weight but more about how fit we are overall. Our weight is just the connecting factor for all these. I purchased “Mi Body Composition Scale” via but it’s also available on

You have to get 4 AAA Batteries for this, I must admit that I indeed got confused with AA and AAA it’s been a while I purchased batteries online and the sizes confused me a lot. I got the Rechargeable Duracell AAA batteries for this. After you keep them on the scale it will show some LED lights. And it is ready to use.

If you haven’t, install Mi Fit App and connect your phone to your scale device. This is not mandatory and the machine will work without any connection, but this app will show you more updates and information. Install this app and enter all your details. After that:

You can tap this option to pair the composition scale.

Select “Scale/Body Composition Scale” here and connect to the device via Bluetooth.

Place the scale on a flat surface ad step on the scale to pair.

It will take a few seconds to pair and after that, it will be synced. You can find your weight, your body fat, your muscle, your water, etc. here. I’m not really sure how to debug all these at the moment, but I’ll reply back to this thread when I fully analyze all these. I broke my leg a week back and I was taking bed rest, couldn’t eat much, so I thought let’s see whether this impacts my weight. And it did. Let me know if you have any queries regarding this below, thank you! :smiley:

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