How to Boot start Apple macOS (OS X) in Safe Mode

How to Boot start Apple macOS (OS X) in Safe Mode


If you are facing any boot up issues and problems with your macOS, then it’s better to start your device in safe mode and figure out what exactly might have caused it.

Safe mode/boot will start your Mac in a safe environment, where it doesn’t load unnecessary software and performs some checks.

How to start up in safe mode?

Switch on your Mac device, then immediately press/hold the “Swift” key. You’ll probably get the Apple logo and after that you might be prompted to enter your user account password. After that, you’ll get a screen like this:

At the top right, you can see “Safe Boot” in red color, this helps you to differentiate whether you are in ‘regular’ or ‘safe’ mode. Just in case, if you want to leave the ‘safe’ mode, just restart your Mac device, it should be back to normal.

In this version of your Mac, you won’t be able to do some things like USB functionalities, audio, file sharing, etc. This is what safe mode does to your device to fix issues:

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