How to Book Jio Prepaid SIM Online for FREE!

How to Book Jio Prepaid SIM Online for FREE!


Yesterday my friend requested me to get a Jio (Prepaid) SIM for her, but instead of doing that, I thought, let me write that simple procedure in this forum and share with her instead. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

1. Go to (Get New SIM) and select the “Prepaid SIM” option. Enter your current mobile number and confirm the OTP.

2. Now, enter your Pincode and see if it’s available for delivery or store pickup.

3. I would prefer store pickup if it’s near to your area, it’s not worth wasting ₹99 for this.

4. Select your desired option and if you want to pick it up, just mention the date/time.

5. That’s all. Your order is successfully placed, you just have to read everything they mentioned below and do the needful.

Just in case, if you want to get a Jio Postpaid SIM, the procedure is same, still:

How to book Jio PostPaid SIM Card online? Thoughts please?