How to book Jio PostPaid SIM Card online? Thoughts please?

How to book Jio PostPaid SIM Card online? Thoughts please?


This will be the first time I’m going to use postpaid connection, Jio completely changed the market and as soon as I came to know abt their Post paid plan I decided to get this for sure. How to book this online? Should I go for this one?

How to Book Jio Prepaid SIM Online for FREE!

Hey @Manikandan, this is the basic Jio PostPaid 4G Tariff plan:

You can find their other plans here, including ISD and International Roaming.

I recently got this for using WhatsApp Business on my Dual-SIM phone. Even I don’t use Postpaid plans that much, but since this is my Jio, I decided to try this. I make a lot of international calls these days, though Skype and WhatsApp calls are useful, I usually end up using my phone network directly for some conversations.

Booking Jio PostPaid SIM Card Online

1. Go to Jio PostPaid Plans page. Click on the “Buy” button.

2. Click the “Postpaid SIM” option and enter your current mobile number. Get the OTP and verify.

3. Now, enter your Pincode to check the availability.

4. If it’s successful you’ll get two options:

  • I want door-step delivery

  • I will pickup from Store

For the “Door-step Delivery” they don’t charge ₹ 99 at the moment, it’s for free. But, if you want to pick up from the store it’ll show you the nearest store from your current location.

5. You can schedule your store pickup by choosing your desired date and time.

6. That’s all. Your order is placed successfully now.

Since I was roaming here and there, I decided to collect it from the store directly itself. I went there, told them about the online booking, they did some checking and proceeded. It’s just the usual registration with Aadhaar card and fingerprint verification. I got the card and it got activated instantly. Let us know if you have any other queries!


Thanks so much bro! Any telephone verification for this or it instantly got activated?


Jio’s 1977 number is usually there for verification, but for this, I didn’t do anything, it was activated by default after the store registration.