How does Amazon Phone Exchange Offer actually work? Explained!

How does Amazon Phone Exchange Offer actually work? Explained!


A friend of mine wanted to buy Huawei P20 Lite for his fiancé and Amazon is probably the best place to get it. The original price of this phone is around ₹ 19,999 (even though they show it as ₹ 22,999). They have the option to exchange your old phone and get up to ₹ 11,730 off. It depends on the kind of phone you have though. My friend used his old unused Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo and got around ₹ 3,343 off.

Just click on the “With Exchange” option, select your Mobile brand and Model name. Enter your phone’s IMEI number. Now it’ll show you the exchange amount.

Note: Dual SIM phones will have two IMEI numbers. You can use any one of them.

If you enter the wrong IMEI number here, then your order will be canceled. Because the delivery guy will check this and confirm before handing over the new phone.

After that, click on “Buy Now with Exchange” button and proceed to the checkout page.

You can select your “delivery speed” here, there won’t be a huge difference between “Tomorrow by 11am” vs “Tomorrow by 9pm” though. If you are ordering the phone today, say around 10am or something, then you’ll probably get the phone tomorrow by morning or afternoon regardless of which option you pick if you are a Prime user. Maybe it’s worth saving ₹ 50?

Always look for discounts. We used our Axis bank debit card and it saved us around ₹1,5000 (Instant Bank Discount). Sometimes they provide cash back for using Amazon Pay Balance as well, do have a look at that too.

So, this is the final amount we paid after the exchange and bank discount!

Now, after you order the phone, the delivery guy will reach your place, check your exchange mobile phone, see the condition, verify the IMEI number and then give you the new phone! It’s as simple as that!

Have you used Amazon Phone Exchange for buying new ones? Do share your experiences with us! :smiley: