Here is the SHORTCUT to Debug/Reset Bluetooth in macOS

I purchased a new Logitech Master MX mouse recently and I was able to connect it initially on my MacBook Pro without any issues, but after some time, after disconnecting, I was not able to recreate the same. My Mouse was not visible in the available devices.

Even after installing Logi Options software I was not able to fix this. Then I came across this short and simple Bluetooth Debug/Reset option on macOS.

Do you know the difference between “Logitech” and “Logicool”?

1. Press “Shift” + “Option” keys and click on the Bluetooth icon at your Menu Bar (enable it if you haven’t). Go to “Debug” and select the “Remove all devices” option.

2. After that, go to the “Reset the Bluetooth module” option.

That’s all. Restart your macOS device after this. This fixed my issue. I was able to connect with my Bluetooth device mouse once again.

This is the quick solution that worked for me, if you have any other solutions or if you are facing any issues, do let us know.

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