Here is our Samsung Galaxy Note 9 "SOT" (Screen On Time)!

Here is our Samsung Galaxy Note 9 "SOT" (Screen On Time)!


After using the device for the past few days, I’m ready to post our Note’s SOT here. Before sharing that I would like to clear something, SOT depends on a lot of factors, including your location (hot or cold, indoor or outdoor, etc.), your variant (Snapdragon or Exynos), and most importantly the kind of apps you use.

I decided that I should post the SOT of my Note 9 today on the forum, so yesterday evening at 5 PM I started to use my device at 100% and the battery was around 5% today (tonight?) at 1:30 AM. I used the device for almost 8:30 hours, almost continuously, because I was bored. But, what’s the SOT? The Screen on Time?

I was way too curious to know this because Note 9 got a 4000mAh battery power and their display is beyond perfection on a mobile device. So I wanted to test both of them and see the result.

Things I would like to share beforehand:

  1. I have two SIMs on my device. Yes, that matters.

  2. The mobile signal will be horrible inside my home.

  3. Three days back I did “Wipe Cache Partition” on my device.

  4. I used the Mobile Data for 40% and WiFi for 60%.

  5. Brightness was around 40% to 60% usually.

  6. I’m the using the WQHD+ (2960 x 1440) resolution.

  7. AOD - Always on Display active.

  8. I’m using the 8 GB and 512 GB variant. Exynos processor.

  9. I’m using Gear Sport (Prebook Offer) and I connected my Gear to my Note 9 for some time.

And these are the activities (approximate time) I did from 5 PM to 1:30 AM:

  1. Phone Calls: 40 Minutes

  2. YouTube: 30 Minutes

  3. Netflix: 1 Hour and 20 Minutes

  4. Gaming: 50 Minutes

  5. Camera: Took 20 Photos and 1 Video (2 Minutes)

  6. S-Pen: Used it for Colouring for like 15-20 Minutes.

  7. Location: Used Google Maps for 30 Minutes (Location ON by default)

  8. Download: Downloaded 2GB Files (via WiFi)

  9. Browsing: Google Chrome (1 Hour)

  10. Music: I listened to “Apple Music” (Downloaded/Streaming) for 1 Hour and 20 Minutes. Both via 3.5mm Earphone and Wireless Bluetooth headphone. Used the phone’s speaker only for a few minutes.

  11. Other Apps: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, Reddit, etc. for the rest of the time, even during other activities.

  12. Miscellaneous: Made payment via Samsung Pay (NFC Off though) and Paytm once.

And this is the SOT I got for Note 9:

6 h 41 m - 6 Hours and 41 Minutes :fire:

The “Wipe Cache Partition” helped me a lot + I used the “Device Maintenance” option to clear the apps and cache when the battery was around 40% something. I was not using any “Power Saving” mode, I hate to restrict the phone’s performance. I started to use the device, installed all the required apps and made all the necessary settings. I monitored the phone for a week, saw which apps are consuming more power, I checked the “Notifications” for all those apps and disabled unnecessary ones. I don’t need a “Sound” for each and every Facebook notification. It’s okay for “Gmail” or any other important stuff.

I didn’t want to force extreme activities and check the phone’s battery life. I just used it normally to see how it works for any average consumer out there, including myself.

I’m sure after some days, the SOT will reduce, but right now, this is the deal. I’ll again use the device on a normal day and update the SOT. I also hope Samsung will provide respected updates to improve the overall performance much better.