Fix "VisionCloudAgent keeps stopping" Android error message problem!

Fix "VisionCloudAgent keeps stopping" Android error message problem!


I’m using Samsung Galaxy S8+ smartphone and of course, no matter what, we still have some bloatware here. So I installed “BK Disabler” app and disabled some unwanted bloatware/system apps. They helped me a lot to save some battery life. I loved it so far. Recently I took a picture using the camera and tried to access the gallery via the camera app itself, that’s when I faced this error popup - “VisionCloudAgent keeps stopping”.

I thought restarting the phone might fix it, but, our evergreen remedy didn’t work for this. I couldn’t figure out what might have caused this, then I realized it must be something to do with the apps I disabled.

I checked out the disabled apps in BK Disabler app and found that I accidentally disabled “Samsung Cloud” app… that’s what caused this error I guess. I enabled it again and the error message popup is gone.

I thought of sharing this with you because when I searched online I came to know plenty of people facing this issue as well. Hopefully, this might be helpful, let me know if you have any other queries. :slight_smile: