Fix "Unable to register your card" Samsung Pay error (Solutions)

Fix "Unable to register your card" Samsung Pay error (Solutions)


Being a Galaxy user, I thought why not try Samsung Pay and see how awesome it is. I always had this thought of living a life without a physical wallet. I have a bunch of credit/debit cards, but I just use 5 of them frequently. I decided to add them on the Samsung Pay app.

I opened the app and started to scan the card, everything was perfect. I added the name and CVV number later. Saved the card and proceeded further agreeing to all the terms/conditions. But, tada, I got this error. I always love errors, they help us to understand better what we are trying to do.

So we got this “Registration failed - Unable to register your card. Try another card or contact the card issuer.”

I was kinda surprised because I added my Axis Bank debit/credit cards, the ones I use regularly for my usual purchases online everywhere. I decided to check the card details once again, they are perfect, then I tried entering the card details wrongly to check what kind of error message I’ll get this time. And I got this - “Registration failed - The card information is invalid. Try again.”

So I decided that either the app is having some issues or my Axis bank cards are having some problems. I checked whether the Samsung Pay and Samsung Pay Framework apps are updated properly. Then I visited the “Apps” section and cleared the cache/data of both the apps. After that, I started the process freshly and again ended up with the same “Unable to register your card” error. That’s it. I decided to quit but then I realized maybe my cards are not compatible with Samsung Pay, like these specific cards (they are old) may have some issues.

Then I took my latest HDFC debit card and added… and yayy… successfully added. :wink:

Initially, I thought maybe the app was having some issues, but later, I settled down realizing my cards are not friendly with Samsung Pay tech at the moment. I’ll contact my bank and see what they can do about this.

I checked Axis Bank’s website and they mentioned this:

Not all card types are eligible to use with Samsung Pay. If your card is not International Chip and PIN enabled it will not work with Samsung Pay. Along with that, Prepaid and Corporate Cards will not work on Samsung Pay. Additionally, there may be other items required prior registering a card with the Samsung Pay service. Also, you need to first do a transaction and only then can you attempt to register the Card on Samsung Pay.

Anyway, I added my card in Samsung Pay, and I’ll use it tomorrow. I’ll share my feedback with you very soon. If you have any queries, let us know. :slight_smile: