[Fix] Install Button not Working on Android

[Fix] Install Button not Working on Android


Have you ever encountered a problem completely out of the blue with no eminent cause behind it? Well, a funny problem just like this appeared last week on my android device. I tend to sideload a lot of a 3rd party apps and if suddenly the install button stops working, the person tends to get a bit tense. The solution though is extremely easy and comical.

What’s the Issue?

Recently when trying to install a 3rd party app not downloaded from the play store ( Nothing unethical, just testing some apps) the install button just wouldn’t work no matter where I tapped or what I did, I force closed the app even restarted the device but with no respite and just like every tech savvy geek on the Internet I turned to Google to figure out what’s wrong and boy was I surprised.

Back then, I used to use a night light filter on my device which wasn’t a native feature on stock android until recently and my app of choice was twilight although you will notice the same behaviour across the board with any screen dimming or night light app. Due to the night mode being on at the time my install button was greyed out and I was unable to press the install button.

What’s the logic behind it?

All these apps that help you reduce strain at night don’t actually do anything to the display itself as that is managed by the OS on a deeper level, instead, they apply an external layer on top of the display as per your settings. This layer prevents you the user from clicking the install button. Sounds stupid right? How can a layer prevent the system from installing an app, well as we know there are a lot of malicious apps on the Google play store which tries to sneakily install apps without your permission and infests your device with ads and trojans and to prevent you the user from this the Android OS natively blocks app installs when an external display layer is applied so that the app which is showing a display layer (Which can be customised to look exactly like your screen by the way) can’t install any malicious app without the consent from the user.


How To Fix The Issue?

The Fix is really simple and quick, all a user has to do is disable the filter or switch the filter/app off for a couple of minutes and you will notice as soon as you disable the filter the install button will start working again and you will be able to install the app you wish to install.

Check the full Gif here - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_C4ZMG77kdYLWgbpByX21vJGIq1lXcB4

So Have you ever faced a similar issue like this? Do you know any other such comical issue? Do You also use any Night Light Filter on your device? If yes which App do you prefer? Do let us know below.