Fix Google Play Store "This item isn't available in your country" (Solution)

Fix Google Play Store "This item isn't available in your country" (Solution)


If you are an Android user then it’s possible that you might have come across this error often on Google Play Store.

“This item isn’t available in your country”

At first, I felt offended, but later I understood the reason behind this, so I thought we should figure out a way rather than waiting for the official availability. If you look at this error message, it says it’s not available in your country, so I’m here in India, and it’s not available. But, it’s already available to countries like the United States (US/America) and others. Maybe it’s available for iOS (iPhone) users sometimes, but it depends.

So, the only way to access and install this app is by tricking our location. That’s where we use VPNs. They are called Virtual Private Networks and they help us to fake the location. You don’t even need to root your device for this. It’s not something I recommend for other illegal or unethical activities, but you can try this for the sole purpose of learning how things work. I’ll explain this process one by one here:

1. Get the APK file first.

There are plenty of apps and games which are not available for us, but, we finalized “Spotify Music” for this tutorial. Now, we need to download the APK file of this Android app. If you know how to download the APK file, well and good, if not, you can follow this tutorial.

2. Install a VPN App.

We figured out TunnelBear does this job smoothly, so you can download this app and install it.

Then change the location to “United States”. By default, you’ll find this option, so you just need to follow the steps. You can enable the ‘connection’ at the top and when it’s active you’ll find a ‘key’ symbol on your notification black bar. That’s all, it’s time to install the app now.

3. Installing the ‘Unavailable’ App.

USEFUL: How To Install APK Files On Your Android Device

Now you have the APK file ready, so you just need to use that and install the app on your phone. Since you are connected to the ‘United States’ (Location) you won’t have any issues while signing up, you can easily bypass. It’s just a normal registration for your profile and after that, you can access the app easily.

I’m inside the Spotify Music app now, it’s perfect and I’m really feeling bad that it’s not available for us officially at the moment. But, anyway, this is how you can access the ‘restricted’ or ‘unavailable’ Google Play Store Android app. Let us know if you have any queries. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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I just used Hola VPN to create an account and use it afterward, but the problem is that you need to turn on your VPN or Mock Location to US every time you use Spotify. Recently heard that it will arrive in September this year, but looks like we will have to wait a bit more.


I just download the apk of that App from external site and install it :sweat_smile:


Yes bro, but if the “app” is not available to your country, it’ll restrict sometimes. :slight_smile: