Find/Retrieve saved WiFi network password in Apple macOS

Find/Retrieve saved WiFi network password in Apple macOS


If you forgot your WiFi network’s password and if you want to find it, then here is a small trick to retrieve it quickly. This is for Apple’s macOS, and this is not an unethical ‘hack’ kinda procedure.

Open “Keychain Access” (or you can search for it) and click on “System” (left side). Now you’ll see the list of passwords saved on your system. Click on your WiFi network name, here it is “NETGEAR” for us.

Now you need to authenticate, so enter your system’s username and password, then you’ll be taken to this window popup.

Under the “Attributes” section, you’ll find some details about your Wifi network. Check the “Show password” option and tada, here is your Wi-fi password. I’m sure you’ll remember your Wifi password right now, but there are some folks (like me) who use a different Wifi password. It’ll be hectic for me to remember it very well, share it with friends whenever they ask, so this is a simple tweak to figure out the password just in case if you forget it.