External Hard Disk Drive (HDD) visible in Disk Utility but not in Finder? [FIX]

External Hard Disk Drive (HDD) visible in Disk Utility but not in Finder? [FIX]


I don’t remember the last time my macOS functioned properly without any issue or bug, thanks to their OS X updates. This is the latest addition. Quite recently my Apple MacBook Pro (MBP) didn’t detect my external storage devices.

I tried my pen/flash drive and my external hard disk drive, new ones, old ones, even formatted ones, but oops, it didn’t work. Then I decided to open “Disk Utility,” and it was visible there. I can access the details and even eject/unmount the drive. But, it was not showing or opening via the default Finder. I tried several methods to access the disk, but no luck, unfortunately. It was visible but not accessible.

I was confused whether it’s a software bug or whether there is an issue with my USB ports. That thought shocked me because I don’t really want to spend any $$$ for hardware repairs. I thought I should just access the external drive via my Windows PC and take a backup first. Then I accidentally restarted my MacBook Pro with the USB external drive connected. I don’t usually do this; I hope you too, but when I switched on my MBP after a few hours, I was able to find the external disk drive icon in the “Finder.”

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This is just a simple fix, which helped me and helped others as well. So, if you are facing this, do try this and I’m sure it’ll work without any problem. If you are facing any issues, kindly let us know.