Do you know the difference between "Logitech" and "Logicool"?

Do you know the difference between "Logitech" and "Logicool"?
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We all know the popular electronics brand “Logitech” (also known as ‘Logi’), but what’s this “Logicool”? When I initially came across this name, I thought it’s just a fake brand trying to duplicate Logitech products. But when a friend of mine asked me about this, we discussed for a while and figured out (by Googling, of course) that it’s just Logitech itself. But, why different names? Even on listings?

Logitech MX Master (

Logicool MX Master (

It’s like this because of “Japan” market, mostly. There is apparently a company called “Logitec” in Japan and it’s trademarked by them. So “Logitech” renamed themselves as “Logicool” to sell their products there. If you take a look at (Amazon Japan), you can see how popular Logicool products are, just like Logitech. This is a small difference, but I hope it didn’t cause any serious decision-making issues while purchasing them!

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