Disable (or turn off) Bixby Home in your Samsung phones!

Disable (or turn off) Bixby Home in your Samsung phones!


If you are using a Samsung Galaxy or other similar devices then Bixby is something that you can never miss, it will be something that’ll you encounter one way or another. I personally use Google Assistant all the time, it’s so minimal and straightforward for me.

If you accidentally or willingly swipe right when you are in your home screen, you can see an exclusive page allocated for Bixby Home, and there is a small tip to disable that completely.

But, if you are using Bixby and if you want to see how it works overall, then you need to understand I’m not actually recommending this, you got your phone, and you should jump into all the features provided by them. If you want to know the procedure, here we go…

1. Go to your phone’s home screen.

2. Long-press anywhere in the empty space. You can see the list of screens available here.

3. If you swipe it right you can see the one allocated for Bixby Home.

4. You just have to turn it off a.k.a disable it.

You won’t have any more Bixby screen here. We even remapped our Bixby button with Google Assistant, and I hope one day Samsung will give us the option to do that by default. Let us know if you have any queries!