Difference between TechSmith Camtasia "Regular" & "Education" version?

Difference between TechSmith Camtasia "Regular" & "Education" version?


Thanks to the Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals, I came across plenty of offers online including TechSmith’s Camtasia and Snagit. When I was browsing their products I came across Camtasia’s regular version and their Education version. If you take a look at their pricing…

Camtasia Regular Normal Pricing ($199)

Camtasia Education Pricing ($169)

All of a sudden, I thought why anyone would pick the ‘Normal’ version, which is quite expensive than the ‘Education’ version, both of them have the same features more or less, so what’s the big deal? But, instead, I thought of contacting their support to know further…

That was quite scary and unnecessary risk for us, though TechSmith’s products are expensive, they are really powerful and worthy enough, so pick the right plan/product and enjoy the benefits!