Control Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Light Strip Plus via Mobile App!

Control Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Light Strip Plus via Mobile App!

I keep buying interesting tech stuff on AliExpress when they are on sale, even if I’m not going to use it regularly I can write about that online or maybe also use it for future giveaways. I have been monitoring Xiaomi’s subsidiaries Mijia and Yeelight for a long time, whenever they launch a new product, I’ll be eagerly waiting to check them out. This time it will be Yeelight’s Smart LED Light Strip powered by Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. I have some minor issues with this, I’ll look into this and update this post with the procedure to enable.

This is a quality product I have no doubt about that but when I opened the light strip sticker to stick it somewhere, I realized it’s not sticky enough. Maybe we can stick it on a normal flat surface but apart from that, I don’t really feel it’s adhesive enough.

Also, this one got 2 flat USA pin, so you need to get a converter/adapter to make it 2 round pin which suits for Indian stuff.

The one I got is around 2 meters long and you can extend it up to 10M.

I honestly had no idea where to keep this but decided to put this behind our TV to see how it looks overall, at least for taking a picture. :’)

Just like Yeelight Smart Color Bulb, you can control this via your Yeelight mobile app too.

It’s easy to configure, if you get any issues, make sure you picked “Singapore” as the default “Server” and if you still face any issues, try resetting the product, which is pretty easy too. Just disconnect, press the button you see above and reconnect again, it will lighten up with all the RGB colors and it will go back to the default yellowish color, that’s all. Reset done.

After configuring, I decided to use this behind our TV but as I told you, it’s not adhesive or sticky enough to work on that surface, so I ended up using a sellotape. This is how it looks after activating.

I actually like it, especially with the Red color but I feel this environment will be much lovely for gaming instead, but let’s see how it goes. I’ll try exploring other colors.

I’ll try arranging the background wires and stuff, then post other pictures. This is more like an experiment, you can figure out which works for you, you can even lighten up your kitchen, your garage, or even your bathroom. If you already used products like this you can share your pictures with us. Let us know if you have any queries below, thank you! :smiley: