Connect/Control Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Color Bulb via Mobile App!

Connect/Control Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Color Bulb via Mobile App!

I purchased Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light long back but decided to use it today after shifting our house. I got this one from AliExpress but it should be available on Amazon as well. This one may not be compatible with our default bulb holder so get a connector like this if necessary. This one is called B22 To E27 holder/converter.

That’s all. You can now place the bulb in the bulb holder.

Now you just have to switch on and it should work fine. But since this is a Smart Bulb we can do much more than this with the help of an app, we can use our mobile phone or tablet.

This app is available for both Android or iOS, we are going to use the former now.

Go to the Play Store and download/install Yeelight app. Now open the app > Add Device > Select your Product here > Next.

Now it will scan and display all the available devices, you’ll find the one you need, just select it and click “Next.” After that, reconnect with your Wifi and disconnect/connect again.

That’s all finally. It will be successfully connected and you can see your bulb name (here Yeelight Color Bulb) under “My Device.” You can ON/OFF the bulb directly via this and if you click on that you’ll find plenty of options to tweak your bulb. You can schedule the light differences as well.

I’m planning to replace some of our bulbs with this, I love the way I can control how much light I want in my room.

Not a big fan of colors, but why not. These will give a dope effect when you are partying with friends. I’m planning to explore other Xiaomi Yeelight products, I’ll check them and share my updates in the forum. If you have any queries, let us know. :smiley:

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