Are standard analog watches water proof or resistant? How to check?

Are standard analog watches water proof or resistant? How to check?


confused between picking smart watch and normal watch but how to check how normal watches have water resistance or not. Is there any metric to calculate that?


I was searching for some traditional classic watches yesterday and finalized a list of watches I loved overall. But then I got confused between smartwatches and regular watches, I made a short list of the differences, and out of the points I listed, the one point which triggered me was “Water Resistant.”

Obviously, we are not going to use our standard watch and take a shower, swim or do any other similar activities, but just in case if we are caught up in the rain or even a storm, how durable will it be?

For smartphones, we have this IP rating system, which means Ingress Protection. My Samsung Note 9 is IP68 certified, which means, “6” is the rating for dustproof and “8” is the rating for water-resistant. 68 is a pretty decent number, and it can manage 30 mins in up to 1.5m depth in regular water.

But, what about our standard analog watches?

I was searching for a “Tissot” watch (I bought Tissot Couturier), and I found out it is “Water-resistant up to a pressure of 10 bar (100 m / 330 ft)” but what exactly it means?

Before I start to explain or explain what I understood, this may not be applicable for old watches, I mean, no matter how much they claim, they will always have that drawback somehow. It’s not a software update to fix things, it’s the hardware part overall.

The bar (in 10 bar) is a metric unit of pressure, although, this is not a universally accepted metric. We can also relate Bar with ATM (Atmosphere).

But, still, this is about ‘Pressure’ here.

3 Bar - 3 Atmosphere - 30 Meters

5 Bar - 5 Atmosphere - 50 Meters

10 Bar - 10 Atmosphere - 100 Meters

20 Bar - 20 Atmosphere - 200 Meters

And it goes on…

You can have a word with the Watch Showroom to understand this further. Let me know if you have any other questions.