Apple MacBook Keyboard Keys not working properly? Try this!

Apple MacBook Keyboard Keys not working properly? Try this!


I’m using the MacBook Pro “Touch Bar” laptop and yes, with Butterfly keyboard mechanism. At first, it was hectic for me to type and ‘get used to it,’ but eventually, here I’m… liking the way it works overall.

I gave my laptop for a service, and I didn’t use it for a few days. When I started to use my device, I suddenly felt I need to give extra pressure press to some keys while typing. It was awkward, I thought it was just a random issue with that specific key. But day-by-day, I was facing this issue with some other keys as well. I honestly got annoyed, and I didn’t want to give my laptop again to the service center.

I tried to give air pressure via blowing around the corner of the keys which are getting stuck, but it didn’t seem to help a lot.

Then… I decided to remove the annoying keys and insert it back again. :’)

This method will work for any laptop or keyboard, but for the new MacBook Butterfly Keyboard, it was kinda difficult, that’s where the SIM remover tool came handy. This is how it looks, just in case, you know…

So, the “0” or “)” key got stuck and sometimes I have to put extra pressure while typing.

Of course, I, then, removed the key slowly/carefully with the SIM Remover and cleaned the area with Johnson’s Buds carefully. I re-inserted the Key after that.

Now, it’s working fine and smooth. I didn’t have any issues while I type “0” and “)” now. :’)

Be very careful when you do this and do this only if you have no other option.

Let us know if you faced any similar issues or if you have anything else to convey to us. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Be very careful, all the keys have a fragile lock, it’ll be break anytime.