Always On Display (AOD) Clock moving up/middle/down position?

Always On Display (AOD) Clock moving up/middle/down position?


AOD a.k.a. Always on Display is probably one of my favorite features from Samsung Galaxy devices. I have my phone right now in a stand next to my desk, and I can easily see the notifications, battery percentage, and other useful info without even unlocking the phone.

I even keep it as my standard clock on my desk, and we have a lot of attractive clock faces as well.

But, the only thing that annoyed me was… it won’t stay in a fixed position. :sob:

It’ll be at the top, then middle, after that bottom and it repeats regularly. I somehow felt annoyed by this, like, by default I would have preferred it to be fixed at the middle. I checked the “Settings,” and they don’t have an option to tweak this. When I Googled I came to know that this is happening because of their “AMOLED” (Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) display screen and the image shouldn’t be in a same/fixed position, it will damage the screen and it moves to prevent burn-in.

I’m not honestly sure about the reasons, but this is what majority of the online folks said. What do you think about this?